Welcome to Our Woods Walk Information Page.

This page has been created to explain what our Woods Walk shoot is and what is needed to participate.

Welcome to Our Woods Walk Information Page. This page has been created to explain what our Woods Walk shoot is and what is needed to participate.

This shoot is approximately 20 to 25 shots at various targets, mostly metal pendulum types, at various distances up to 90 yards. The targets are set up in a wooded valley near the Club House.

The shooters are assigned to groups that are led through the course in a particular order by a range officer. These groups have up to 15 shooters each. The course is arranged in three sections consisting of approximately 6 shots in each section. The range officer keeps score of each shot and is responsible for announcing and enforcing all safety rules. In addition, he will assist and /or advise the shooter in the event of a gun problem.

The total time on the course is usually 3 hours and includes a hot beverage break at the midpoint. We have many targets that we rotate into the shoot each month and we change most of the distances of targets for each shoot. All shoots are “blanket” shoots, although this is not mandatory, it is an opportunity to exchange black powder shooting related items with other shooters. Of those participating, the highest score gets first pick at anything on the blanket.

Sign in starts at about 8:00 A.M. and participants may choose any of the usually 3 groups to shoot in. The first group leaves the Club House at 8:30 A.M. with other groups leaving approximately 20 minutes apart. The first target is across the street from the Club House to make sure everyone has all of their loading supplies, etc. before entering the main course.

The Club kitchen will be open serving breakfast and lunch in a very friendly atmosphere.

All guns must be muzzle loaded with flint or percussion ignition shooting a patched round lead ball. Participants should carry a supply of cleaning patches, spare flints and at least 25 patches and balls. Powder must be in a closeable container and a powder measure must be used. Guns must have only open sights without any shading devices. All shots will be from the offhand position. Safety glasses and ear protection are highly recommended. Clothing may be period attire or anything that will provide warmth for the expected 3 hours of the shoot.

We maintain a championship scoring system during the four rifle shoots. The total scores of your best three shoots will determine your place in the championship at the end of the March shoot. The top three shooters will be awarded prizes. Championship ties will be settled by a shoot off.

Our objective is to present a professionally run shoot that is enjoyable and challenging, and have fun doing it.



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