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BRGA received a number of questions and/or concerns about the wording within the waiver and also requests for clarification as to what we were actually asking members to waive and why.

After many discussions either formally at club meetings or informally member to member, the Governing Board asked our legal advisors to rewrite the wavier with an emphasis toward simplifying it and also to remove as much of the confusing legal terminology as possible. We hope we have succeeded.

We also agreed to accept 2013 renewals without the signed waiver with the expectation that when the waiver was rewritten, it would be sent to members who did not sign it during the renewal process.

Please fill out the waiver as follows:

1.Print your name on the blank line in Item # 2 on the first page.

2.Sign your name.

3.Print your name (Legibly Please).

4.License No. is optional.

5.Date it and then have someone witness your signature.

6.The witness (anyone over 16 years old) should follow the same procedure.

7.Follow similar procedures and fill out the “Guardian” section if that applies.

Please be advised that if the club does not receive a properly filled out and signed “Waiver and Hold Harmless” document by October 1st, 2013, you will NOT be receiving a renewal notice for 2014 Membership and your current membership will end on January 31st, 2014.

We also have a Club Events Waiver prepared and the Club will require anyone who wishes to participate in any club sponsored event, e.g. Trap Shooting, Pistol Events, Fishing Events, BB Gun Shooters. etc. to sign this waiver in order to participate in the event. The waiver will be kept on file at the club so it will only need to be signed once.

Our website is currently being redone and information about the waiver will be there along with a lot more information about most if not all of the events and programs ongoing here at the club. We still need more help.
Respectfully, The BRGC Governing Board

This page was last updated: March 13, 2018